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Black Foam Practice Daito Sword

In order to become a true master in marital arts, you must spend adequate time training.

Cold Steel Black Training Daito

Originally designed to imitate a live blade without the possibility of causing permanent injury.

Cold Steel O Tanto Bokken

Great close contact combat training tanto!

Cold Steel Wakizashi Bokken Sword

Cold Steel’s wakizashi bokken is a great training device for martial arts and sword enthusiasts.

Daito Practice Sword

Great training bokken for beginners!

Polypropylene Training Ninja Sword

Made of a great material for practice and longevity.

Practice Foam Rubber Kama Set

A kama is certainly more versatile than a semi-colon so practice your grammar with these foam rubber kama until you've got the final draft ready to publish!

Red Daito Practice Sword

Red hardwood 40" training boken with wrapped handle for beginners and practitioners alike.

Rubber Training Sai

Constructed of flexible rubber, these rubber sai are a perfect practice weapon for demonstrating your weapons proficiency while reducing the chance of injury. Each sai measures 19-1/2" long and weighs approximately 5 oz. Sold in pairs.

Sparring Foam Bokken Sword

Whomp the heck out of your friends and siblings without too much guilt!

Sparring Foam Bokken Sword Set

Whomp the heck out of your friends and siblings without too much guilt!

United Cutlery Practice Daito Sword Set

This professional daito set is designed for rigorous sword training.

Wooden Practice Bokken with Bat Engravings

Of course the bats make it a better bokken!
$14.99 $12.99