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A kunai is a Japanese tool possibly derived from the masonry trowel. Two variations are the short kunai and the big kunai. It is a good example of a very basic tool which, in the hands of a martial arts expert, could be used as a multi-functional weapon. It is commonly associated with the ninja, who used it to gouge holes in walls.

Kunai normally had a leaf-shaped blade and a handle with a ring on the pommel for attaching a rope. This would allow the kunai's handle to be wrapped to act as a grip, or when used as a weapon; to be strapped to a stick as an expedient spear, to be tied to the body for concealment, or to use as an anchor or piton. Contrary to popular belief, they were not designed to be used primarily as throwing weapons, though they can be thrown and cause damage. Instead, they are a thrusting and stabbing implement.

In the popular culture mythology of ninja, the kunai is commonly portrayed to be a Japanese knife that is used for throwing as well as stabbing. The kunai is often portrayed in manga/anime and video games as a common weapon for ninjas (either primary or backup). The Kunai is also used as a weapon by Scorpion from the Mortal Kombat Series. Scorpion spears his opponent with the Kunai, which comes out of his hand. He uses the famous catch phrase "Get over here!" or "Come here!" when he uses his Kunai spear. Ibuki from Street Fighter is another example of using Kunai in fighting games. Ninja in the popular Japanese manga and anime Naruto all use kunais. Characters occasionally attach Paper Bombs to them, to create explosions.

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Hidden Leaf Kunai Throwing Knives

Sport the logo of Naruto's villiage!

Naruto Kunai Throwing Knife Set

This is the all new Naruto Metal Kunai Knife Set!

Nine Inch Black Kunai Ninja Throwing Knife Set

This black kunai throwing knife set features three sharp stainless steel knives measuring 9" in length. Set comes complete with nylon pouch.

Ridge Runner 12 Piece Kunai Throwing Knife Set

Ridge Runner: Quality knives and tools.

Set of 12 Kunai Ninja Throwing Knives

There's no such thing as too many kunai!

The Expendables Kunai Throwers

Officially licensed "The Expendables" throwing knife set!

Black Kunai Ninja Throwing Knives

Classic ninja knives!

Competition Grade Triple Thrower Set

Great balance and cool design!

Fixed Blade Knuckle Guard Knife With Hidden Kunai

Just like the trench knives wielded by Asuma Sarutobi!

Kibaku Kunai Minus The Kibaku

We provide the kunai, you come up with the explosive tags!

On Target Kunai Throwing Knife Set

A kunai knife for each hand!

Perfect Point Flying Dragon Throwing Knife Set & Target

Less walking and more throwing with this 6 pack of throwing knives AND dragon themed target.

Red Kunai Ninja Throwing Knives

Very traditional looking high-end throwing kunai from Perfect Point.

Scorpion, Kanji, and Dragon Kunai Throwing Knives

Get a little bit of everything with these super sharp kunai throwing knives!

Ninja Kunai Knife Necklace

Add a kunai sneak weapon.

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