New products

Honshu Spiral Ninja Throwing Star

Another great ninja star design by Honshu!

Zombie Genocide Shuriken Throwing Star Set

They're already dead but these throwing stars will get 'em deader!

Scorpion, Kanji, and Dragon Kunai Throwing Knives

Get a little bit of everything with these super sharp kunai throwing knives!

Forked Spears Ninja Throwing Star Set

Stainless steel 2 1/2″ stars come in a pouch containing a 3, 4 (two variations), and 5 point ninja throwing shuriken.

Circulus Mortem 3-Piece Throwing Star Set

Three, four, and five bladed shuriken in this striking kanji etched set!

Lightening Bolt Throwing Star

Warning: High voltage shuriken!

Red Guardian Ninja Sword and Kunai Throwing Knife Set with Sheath

A sinister alliance of sword and kunai!