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These products are no longer available from the manufacturer and/or has chosen to no longer stock the product for sale.


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Scorpion Warrior Ninja Throwing Star

The Scorpion Warrior throwing star is a 4″ diameter ninja star and includes a pouch.
$5.99 $4.98

Sharingan Symbol Ninja Throwing Star Set

These shuriken display the Sharingan symbol of the Uchiha clan of the Hidden Leaf.

Shinobi Pro Ninja Throwing Star Set

Set of four ninja stars: 4, 5, 6, and 7 sharp points.

Shrike Weighted Ninja Throwing Star

Why Shrike? Like the Shrike, or butcher bird, these stars can seriously impale!
$14.99 $13.98

Six Point Chinese Throwing Star Set

Each star features a Chinese symbol: Tolerance, Royalty, and Violence.

Spade Ninja Throwing Star

This 5 point Spade ninja throwing star is weighted for better results. Made of top quality 440 stainless steel. Comes with a nylon case. Measures 3.5″.
$9.99 $7.98

Spear Point Ninja Star Set

3 piece ninja throwing star set. Each has been constructed from 440 black anodized steel with satin finish with a hole in the center. 8 points , 4 small points and 4 big points. includes a black nylon case Velcro closeure and a snap. The sheath includes a belt loop for an easier carrying. Set includes 3 stars.

Spider Web Ninja Throwing Star

The black Spider Web thrower measures 5 3/4" overall, is constructed from 440 stainless steel blades, and includes nylon pouch.
$9.99 $6.98

Tomahawk Warrior Throwing Star Set

The throwing stars in this 3 piece set are uniquely designed to provide the ultimate in accuracy and precision. Each throwing star features double points to ensure target penetration. Includes nylon sheath. 2 1/2″ in diameter. United Cutlery, XL1080.

Triple Action Bat Throwing Stars Set of 3

Looks just like the real thing!

Typhoon Ninja Throwing Star

Exceptional star with a heavy center weight for balance. Very professional.

United Black Ronin Throwing Star

Uniquely shaped shruriken by United Cutlery is two-tone black and chrome.
$9.99 $9.98

Yin Yang Throwing Star

The Yin Yang symbol represents the ancient Chinese understanding of how things work.
$4.99 $4.98

Z-Hunter Zombie Killer Ninja Shuriken Set

Get them before they get you!

4 Piece Samurai Ninja Throwing Knives Set

This set of throwing knives is convenient to carry and use anywhere!

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